Top App You Need To Install If You Are Using Solar


It might be challenging to isolate the effects of different factors on your electricity bill. While most households know the difference between their hot water and overall electricity consumption, the bills provide little granularity.

Solar Battery Monitor, MySolarEdge, Solar Monitor, Sunmetrix Discover, SolarEdge Monitoring, SolarMCP, and Solar Map are some of the best solar-related apps available. The MySolarEdge app is revolutionising the future of home solary, which can be just as perplexing if you need access to great monitoring software.

MySolarEdge Mobile App

When you install a SolarEdge system, you may use the MySolarEdge app to monitor and control its operation from your smartphone. You can monitor the solar energy consumption and output in real time, giving you access to invaluable, easily digestible data.

If you have a SolarEdge inverter, you may use this app to check exactly how much energy you use at home. In addition, you may observe the system's operation in any climate. This remote device allows you to check your home's power usage from miles away.

When you set up a SolarEdge Energy Bank solar battery, you can keep tabs on it. With the addition of the backup unit, the battery can be set up to function as a backup power source. In case of a power outage, this will allow the battery to keep the house running.

The battery can keep the house functioning in the case of a power outage thanks to the backup system. A SolarEdge energy meter and CT unit must be set up for accurate home energy tracking.

Tracking Energy Generation In Real Time

Real-time monitoring of energy output is one of the most exciting aspects of the MySolarEdge app. You will have a huge leg up if you know when your system generates the most energy in the day. When your system generates the most electricity, you can run high-energy-use appliances like washers and dishwashers.

Maintain A Usage Log

The program also provides real-time power consumption monitoring. When the panels power your home, your energy consumption will be displayed. How much energy you draw from the utility grid is also shown.

A connected energy meter is required for this to occur. Anyone who intends to have the app must do this before purchasing a SolarEdge system. Energy monitoring is especially beneficial during periods of high use, as it provides a clear picture of which appliances are the most expensive.

If you know you have scheduled the washing machine to operate at a specific time, you can check the app to determine how much your energy usage has increased. With this knowledge, you can become more innovative (and sustainable) about your energy consumption.

Everyone has been guilty of leaving the lights on while they were away. But now, with the help of MySolarEdge, you will be able to monitor precisely how this affects your daily energy use. Knowledge is undoubtedly influential in energy conservation in the home, and the MySolarEdge app provides this knowledge. Real-time data enables you to reduce energy costs and determine when to expand your system.

Analytical Charts for Convenience

MySolarEdge provides clear visualisations of data for straightforward analysis. It is unnecessary to keep up with everything in real time if you do not want to. You can easily see when you are using more energy and when your system is producing more by looking at the data over a day, week, or month. The charts are intuitive, enabling anyone to gain insight into their energy usage and output at home.

Manipulate Your Smart Home's Gadgets

Appliances include TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines. Nowadays, you can get a "smart" version of almost any device you want for your house. It implies that they are linked by Wi-Fi and can be managed from afar.

Assume you have already loaded the dishwasher before heading to work. By downloading the MySolarEdge app, you can remotely turn on your dishwasher, track the daily production and consumption, and more. Lights and other appliances left on but not in use can be turned off remotely to prevent them from wasting energy while you are away.

How To Get the Most Out of MySolarEdge and Your Financial Investments

The ultimate goal of the MySolarEdge app is to help Australians get the most out of their SolarEdge system. There are many ways for families to save money, from managing smart gadgets and reducing energy consumption to pinpointing peak output moments.

Using the sun's energy is great, but now you can make that energy go even further without spending a dime. Spreading out power-hungry appliances throughout the day or concentrating on peak energy production hours can further reduce reliance on the primary grid. Families can now monitor and manage their energy consumption with MySolarEdge and save money.

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