Creating more space and functionality in your closets

Closets are functional spaces that welcome a lot of creativity. However, many people need help managing wardrobes despite their versatility: the secret lies in creating more space while maintaining a practical design. Here are simple approaches to exploring thae full potential of your closet and creating practical storage solutions.

Purge and organise

Unfortunately, most people subconsciously hoard items in their closets. They fill the space with clothing pieces and accessories that have never seen the light of day. As a result, little room remains for important possessions, and the wardrobe becomes cluttered. Therefore, the first step to creating more space is to go through your closet and remove anything you no longer need or use.

You can donate or sell clothes in good condition and throw away unrepairable pieces. Once you've purged, organise what's left. If you own many clothing pieces or frequently shop, it's advisable to declutter regularly.

Use hanging organisers

Hanging organisers offer an excellent solution for creating more space in your closet. They are versatile and have a simple design. Most organisers can hold clothes and accessories, but unique designs can also keep shoes and bags.

Unlike inbuilt shelving and closet partitions, hanging drawers are temporary. As a result, you can modify the closet to meet ever-changing needs.

Add shelving

If you have the space, adding shelves to your closet is a game-changer. More shelves mean more organisation and more storage space. You can use shelves to store folded clothes, shoes, bags, and more. Nonetheless, measuring your space carefully and choosing shelves that fit your needs is important. Explore different layouts to partition your closet.

Use drawer dividers

If you have drawers in your closet, use dividers to keep items organised and easy to find. You can use them for socks, underwear, jewellery, and more. Moreover, compartmentalisation allows users to create unique spaces for special storage. For example, you can install a velvet-lined drawer to put away your watches and other precious jewellery.

Use space-saving hangers

Many types of hangers can help you save space in your closet. For example, slimline hangers take up less space than regular hangers, and hangers with multiple tiers can hold multiple items. Furthermore, you can fit several hanging rails to increase your storage capacity.

Store off-season items elsewhere

If you have limited closet space, consider storing off-season items elsewhere. Some of the storage options include under-bed storage containers and garment bags. You can also rent a storage unit to put away bulkier items.

Use the back of your closet door:

The back of your closet door is great for putting away items like belts, scarves, and purses. You can also use hooks or hanging organisers to maximise storage space.

Use stackable storage containers:

Stackable storage containers are an excellent way to use vertical space in your closet. You can use them for shoes, folded clothes and accessories. Containers with clear sides are superior as you can easily see what's inside.

Hang clothes strategically

When hanging clothes in your closet, try to maximise space by hanging shorter items above longer items. For example, you can hang shirts and blouses above dresses and coats. This approach will create more hanging space and make it easier to organise your clothes.

Use under-shelf baskets

If you have shelves in your wardrobe, you can use under-shelf baskets to create extra storage space. The baskets hang underneath the shelf and hold various items, including socks, accessories, and underwear.

Invest in good lighting

Good lighting can also make a big difference in the functionality of your closet. It's imperative to have enough light to see everything. Furthermore, consider installing motion-activated lights that turn on when you open the wardrobe.

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