How Textured Furnishings Add A Special Touch To Your Home

When you move into a new house, you may feel the entire space needs an upgrade. Several factors must be considered when thinking about your home's interior design, including style, colour, and furniture. 

However, most homeowners focus more on these factors and neglect one essential design element: texture. Adding texture to your space is a popular interior design phrase you may not know how to implement. 

The steps of adding texture to your space are fairly straightforward. However, one hard-and-fast rule is to ensure it makes perfect sense with your current design concept. 

Consider textural furnishings that create a multidimensional look with modern interior designs to achieve a contemporary space. Here is how to add textured furnishings to your home: examining the design asset.

What is texture, and how do you implement it in your space? 

When it comes to interior design, texture plays a pivotal role. It helps add points of interest, comfort, and warmth while significantly contributing to the dimension and depth of your space. 

Lack of texture means you've only relied on one texture in your soft and hard furnishings, making your space dull or static. You'll transform your room's visual impact and design aesthetic by exploiting different ways to incorporate new textures into your current space. Here are some excellent ideas.

Consider layered pillows.

Layering pillows is perhaps something you've been doing for years but never knew was a true-blue interior design concept. Using layered pillows designed from various textiles is an easier way to add texture to your interior space. 

There are numerous options, from faux fur and vegan-leather lumbar pillows to tasselled and boucle floor pillows and throws. Creating a stunning compilation of pillows is easy for a well-rounded space with less investment. 

Get creative with textured home accessories. 

Another excellent way to add texture to your space is by being creative with home accessories like mirrors, ornaments, flower vases, and sculptures. You can playfully arrange different accessories with alternating textures to make a definitive statement. 

However, be extremely cautious with multiple competing finishes since this could lead to poor coordination. Ideally, the primary objective here is to integrate various characters that inject life, variation, and intrigue into your space instead of filling every space with all kinds of textures. 

Alternate your furniture finishes.

Consider also the pieces of furniture in your interior space. For example, you can opt for lacquer for your side tables if you own a tufted sofa. 

It might be the perfect time to welcome variety if you have great taste for different furniture styles. 

It's unwise to have everything in one basket, and not every piece of furniture should be more conspicuous than the others. Therefore, consider mixing textured elements with less design-heavy ones to achieve a successful design.

Incorporate wall art.

Another excellent way to add texture to your interior space is adding wall art. 

Artwork is unique since it attracts attention. You can create a wall of spectacular artwork, including wallpapers, pencil sketches, and other artistic drawings in custom-made frames. 

By doing this, you can achieve a curated, dynamic, and interesting interior design experience than relying on a single piece of expensive conventional art. 

Love plants? Add them to your space.

Get some indoor plants in beautiful containers to create a textured look in your space. Adding plants in your space is a cheap way to transform your home and add warmth easily. 

Final Thoughts 

Texture is an important design element in any home. Having different items in your house makes the space feel lively. Integrating various texture elements doesn't have to be costly; with some creativity, you can achieve a perfectly textured space. 

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