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Jealous is a personal feeling. That is any other has. Sometimes we feel jealous of seeing someone's success or someone's better work. Suppose you are more intelligent than someone but he gets success and you don't then get feel jealous. We all know that social media is a platform that is used by billions of people a day in these worlds. Everyone tries to update their Status to connect with their contacts. Social media is the best platform, where you can show off your mood, your jealous feeling, your sadness, and also other things. Sometimes a lot of people want Jealous Status and Quotes for showing off their jealous feelings through Facebook, Whats app, and Instagram.  For Public demand, Today we are sharing the Best and Latest collections of Jealous Status and Quotes for your Facebook, Whats app, and Instagram. It also helps you to show off your jealous feelings through your social media platform. If you wanted this to connect with us. I hope, you will like this article and choose your best Status. No more wasting time. So Let's Begin.

Jealous Status

  • Finally taking drum lessons!
  • O jealousy! thou magnifier of trifles.
  • Envy is a declaration of inferiority.
  • Jealousy is a waste of emotions!
  • It’s okay; I’d be jealous too.
  • Haters are just confused admirers.
  • Jealousy is the jaundice of the soul.
  • Jealousy is the fear of comparison. 
  • Jealousy is the grave of affection.
  • He that is not jealous is not in love.
  • Envy is an insult to oneself.
  • Nothing brings on jealousy like laughter.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy.
  • A competent and self-confident.
  • It is not loved that is blind, but jealousy.
  • On my third cup of coffee. What a night...
  • Jealousy is love in competition.
  • The little “me” is jealous. The true self is content.
  • Envy is pain at the good fortune of others.

Jealous Captions

  • More men die of jealousy than of cancer.
  • Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.
  • Our envy of others devours us most of all.
  • Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.
  • Love me or hate me I'm still gonna shine.
  • Call me what you want, I'll just call you jealous.
  • Unhappy people compare. Happy people don’t care.
  • A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.
  • Like many women my age, I am 28 years old.
  • Absolutely is obsessed with my new computer.
  • Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.
  • Jealousy can open the blood, it can make black roses.
  • Smile. It will make him so jealous to see you’re happy without him.
  • Jealousy is not contemptible, real love has a beak and claws.
  • Jealousy is a terrible disease.. Get well soon!
  • Whoever envies another confesses his superiority.
  • Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.
  • Jealousy is just a lack of self-confidence.
  • Day off, going on an adventure with my girls/guys.

Jealous Status In English

  • Love may be blind but jealousy has 20-20 vision.
  • Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.
  • There are no pretty people in the eyes of jealousy.
  • Jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure.
  • You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.
  • Jealousy is not contemptible, real love has a beak and claws.
  • Jealousy: - a sign of insecurity - a sign of weakness - a sign of obsession.
  • Jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure.
  • The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build.
  • Jealousy weakens life. Like the ice-cube in sun-light.
  • The lovesick, the betrayed, and the jealous all smell alike.
  • I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else because my parents always taught me to give my used toys to the less fortunate.
  • It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.
  • Jealousy is not so much the love of another as the love of ourselves.
  • At the heart of feelings of jealousy lies our need to feel needed.
  • Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.
  • The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time.
  • Haters only hate the people they can't have or the people they can't be.
  • Yet he was jealous, though he did not show it, For jealousy dislikes the world to know it.

Jealous Status and Quotes

Status For Jealous People

  • Jealousy is the lifelong noose hanging about the neck of love.
  • Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive!
  • You are jealous because you are unaware that everything you need is inside you.
  • The truest mark of being born with great qualities is being born without envy.
  • Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.
  • Jealousy is a keen observer but looks for all the wrong signs.
  • Linda Tripp has shown that a true friend is an archivist, a biographer.
  • Marriage and its entourage of possession and jealousy enslave the spirit.
  • Look at me and look at you. Now tell me, Annie, who is jealous? Me or you?.
  • The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.
  • Jealousy lives upon doubts. It becomes madness or ceases entirely as soon as we pass from doubt to certainty.     
  • Don't waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind.
  • Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive.
  • The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.  
  • Isn't it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?
  • In jealousy, there is more of self-love than of love to another.
  • People would say bad things about you because it is the only way their insignificant self can feel better than you.
  • Jealousy is a good indication that you are doing things the right way. People never get jealous of losers.
  • Jealousy that jumble of secret worship and ostensible aversion.

Jealous People Status

  • Don't let jealousy fool you. It's just another name for insecurity.
  • Jealousy is beautiful only on a young and ardent face. After the first wrinkles, trust must return.
  • I keep my head held high and smile because there are people who will kill to see me fall.
  • Surrounded by the flames of jealousy, the jealous one winds up, like the scorpion, turning the poisoned sting against himself.
  • You mostly don't have haters of you, but mostly you have haters for your success.
  • Jealousy is a miserable feeling. It means you aspire to something that you cannot have.
  • If you are good at whatever you do some people will always be jealous. Take it as a positive thing and keep on doing good.
  • Where there are comparison and possessiveness there is jealousy.
  • Insecurity is an ugly thing, it makes you hate people you don't even know.
  • Jealousy is the lifelong noose hanging about the neck of love.
  • Sometimes people in your life will try to expose what’s wrong with you because they can’t handle what’s right with you.
  • Jealousy implies dissatisfaction with what you are.
  • A little jealousy in a relationship is healthy. It’s always nice to know someone's afraid to lose you.
  • Jealousy is the best compliment you can receive!
  • People like to bring up your past when your present and future look better than theirs.
  • Person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
  • Never waste jealousy on a real man: it is the imaginary man that supplants us all in the long run.   
  • Jealousy is when you count someone else's blessings instead of your own.
  • You call it “jealousy”. I call it “fear of losing you.

Jealous WhatsApp Status

  • When in a relationship, a real man doesn't make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman.
  • Jealousy is not limited to romantic relationships — jealousy exists between siblings, co-workers and even friends.
  • They were right, the guacamole at Taco Heaven is to die for. I could've eaten it all night.
  • Where jealousy is, love is not. The idea cannot cover love.
  • Being good at something is not someone's fault. It's merely a gift. Gifts should be cherished, not envied, and put down.
  • Jealousy is indeed a poor medium to secure love, but it is a secure medium to destroy one.
  • I’m sorry I trip a lot. I’m sorry I’m the jealous type. I’m just scared someone better is going to take my place.
  • A wise man is a content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.
  • I had a fantastic weekend. Who knew I could snowboard?
  • Jealousy or a zero-sum view of success, someone else getting all the attention.
  • Jealousy is the final realization that your life’s a mess, so you start envying others.
  • Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not.
  • A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better.
  • Jealousy is the fire of envy that seeks to destroy another’s beauty, rather than to create its own.
  • Dismissing another’s achievement is an ideal strategy for excusing your failure.
  • Jealousy works against you. It takes control away from you, hands it over to the opposition.
  • Jealousy is the fear or apprehension of superiority: envy our uneasiness under it.
  • Jealousy is never satisfied with anything short of an omniscience that would detect the subtlest fold of the heart.
  • Jealousy would be far less torturous if we understood that love is a passion entirely unrelated to our merits.

Jealous Status and Quotes

Best Jealousy Status

  • She's jealous because she's afraid you'll find someone prettier, smarter, taller, skinnier, calmer, stronger, and better than her.
  • The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time.
  • Jealousy is the fear of losing the thing you love most. It’s very normal. Suspicion is the thing that’s abnormal.
  • You know you’re awesome when people you don’t even know hate you.
  • People lie, things change, boyfriends cheat, friends ditch and there are always going to be those people who would kill to see you fall.
  • Jealousy is the most dreadfully involuntary of all sins.
  • You dream it, I did it, You're jealous admit it! Submitted by: Michelle
  • Jealousy is always born with love but does not die with it.
  • Plain women are always jealous of their husbands. Beautiful women never are. They are always so occupied with being jealous of other women’s husbands.
  • Love sees sharply, hatred sees even sharper, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time.
  • When guys get jealous it can be kinda cute. When girls get jealous World War III is about to start.
  • Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read, it merely records the degree of the lover's insecurity.
  • Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgment and ultimately withhold your destiny.
  • I refused to believe that love could take any other form than mine: I measured love by the extent of my jealousy, and by that standard, of course, she could not love me at all.   
  • Jealousy is the cousin of greed. We seem to focus on what we want and lose sight of what we really need.
  • Whatever you do, if you are successful, do not let the haters cut you. When you start bleeding, there will be hungry wolves out to get you and will attempt to take your true talent.
  • It's sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by you that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about you.
  • When you missed what you aimed that doesn't mean nobody else can get it right, don't hate them, and don't be jealous. Instead, try to make friends with them and learn how to get it right.
  • Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do with feeling jealous of those few of us remaining with noble hearts.

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